Regan Whimpey

Regan is Charelle's brother.  He is rejoining the team after spending a few years away in the education sector.  Regan has been an insurance agent since 2009, where he sold insurance exclusively for the Hartford while living in Connecticut.  He was previously licensed in over 30 states to write home and auto insurance.  Upon his return to Utah in 2011, Regan worked for Advance Planning off and on until 2014.  He then spent the next four years finishing his degree at Utah Valley University.  After graduation, Regan worked as a Teacher Assistant at a school for autistic teens.  He tutored the students one on one when needed.  He also helped them with executive functioning and helped them process their emotions when crisis arose.  Regan returned to Advance Planning in January of 2022.  He also sings and acts, something he has been doing in the community since he was 12 years old.  He started directing shows in the community in his spare time in 2018.  He has directed 6 shows in the community.